Kimbo'Z Art

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I have always loved opals; their endless variety. They're like natures fireworks, like the aurora borealis captured in stone. Shakespeare called them 'the queen of gems'. My Grandma Dorothy was my best friend throughout my childhood. Her love was unfailing and warmed my heart so much as does her memory now. Her October birthday resulted in her having many beautiful opal trinkets which she would let me fondle and admire, so maybe that is where my love for them began. My twin daughters also have an October birthday which has allowed me to gift them the occasional opal - superstition holds that they are bad luck if you are not born in October. So since these beauties are not real opals everyone can have one and it will be good luck instead (I so declare). Seriously though, I was in the mood to create something with a little bling, something my big sister, BJ, would call "sparkle fairy pony pretty" - because she likes that sort of thing. Enjoy!