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rose gold mp hope.jpg

These Goddesses were inspired by my daughter who told me that millennial pink and rose gold are both really popular colors now and that I should design a Goddess that uses them. I am mother or mother-in-law to six millennials, a group loosely defined as "a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century". There are more than 83 million of them - their size exceeds the baby boomers. I most often hear the term used in a derogatory sense - "the problem with millennials," etc.  The world they reached adulthood in is nothing like the one I had. They don't enjoy many of the advantages and opportunities I did and have had to redefine possibilities as they go along. All the rules have changed. They are some of the most creative, resilient, committed people ever and, as a group, have my deep respect and admiration. They make me feel hopeful. These blend from the almost baby pink named millennial to a rich, deep rose gold and has a rose Swarovski crystal in the navel. They embody hope.