Kimbo'Z Art

The life and art of Kim Bozarth - unabashedly and lovingly shared.


   Each Goddess is handmade; each an individual as unique as those who own them.
      Enjoy the rounded curves of her body symbolizing the fertility and abundance of your own creativity.
     She feels wonderful when you hold her in the palm of your hand. Keep her for yourself or give her as a gift.
        Let her be a companion for inspiration, love, joy, and wisdom in subtle and
empowering ways; a talisman, a totem, a touchstone. Or one bad ass piece of jewelry!
The Goddess is awakened, the Goddess is you.

Click on an image below to take you to the gallery of available Goddesses in each Limited Edition series.

Dutchman's Pipe Vine Inspired

Abalone Pearl Inspired

Opal Inspired (aka Sparkle Fairy Pony Pretty)

Millennial Pink and Rose Gold Inspired

Origin of this sweet little sculpture: while I adore and adorn her, the fabulous woman who sculpted the original is Michelle Zimmerman. Please check out her artwork at Thank you, Michelle, for creating this wonderful gem of a sculpture.